We need member-organizers every semester to keep Barter School Indy up and going! As this is a cooperative, members work together to share organizing responsibilities. If we don’t have enough members to organize a semester, then Barter School doesn’t open. We define a member as anyone that has made a one-time pay what you can (PWYC) investment in our coop. Member-organizers are members that have fulfilled an organizing role for at least one semester. They are also the group that vote together on decisions.

Roles & Responsibilities

Each semester, we need a variety of volunteer organizers. Organizers spend roughly 5 hours a week on Barter School for 10 weeks. We provide training for each role to anyone interested. We believe in shared leadership and want to give everyone a chance to make a difference at Barter School.

The Communications Organizer’s main responsibility is planning classes with teachers. They also organize meetings, manage our email and phone, and send a monthly newsletter. The Classroom Organizer’s main responsibility is training and scheduling class volunteers. They also manage our space needs. The Membership Organizer handles our finances. They organize our member’s donations and reconcile our account.

We also need Co-Organizers and Class Volunteers. Co-Organizers are either organizers in training or members that can support us with smaller needs. Class Volunteers are members we train to run our space and assist teachers during class.

If you’d like to get involved, please email barterschoolindy@gmail.com