What can I offer?

Any subject is welcome as long as you can teach it in an informal and social environment. If you have real-life experience with the topic, or can relate a theory to practice well, it’s a good fit. We’ve experimented with formats ranging from workshops to shared meals with great success. Classes that place an emphasis on DIY skills and hands-on knowledge are always popular.

How do I get started?

To get started teaching, you just need to make a one-time pay what you can (PWYC) investment in our coop. To submit a class, you need to prepare the following and then submit online using the link at the end… 

1. Class Title
Use 101, 102, etc. only if you’ve arranged to teach a series of classes.

2. Class Description
Write in 2nd person “You”. This is what students see when they register.

3. Supplies
If students need to show up with more than just their barter item to take part in class, please CONTACT US to make arrangements.

4. Barter Items
Bartering allows us to form meaningful relationships while engaging with the creative landscape. Everyone has something unique to offer that is common to them. Your list should be accessible and allow students to be creative. None of your items should be brand-specific, self-promotional, or have a direct monetary value. Please do not ask for exact quantities. If a student has something unique to offer not on your list, they can always contact you to see if you’re interested.

5. Class Time & Date
Classes are single-session subjects that last 90 minutes. We schedule longer classes or several sessions if it makes sense for the subject.

6. Class Size
We keep our class size to 15 people or less depending on the topic and your preference. Half of the people who register actually show up. Until we can hold people accountable, allow almost double the number of students. If you want 15, leave 20 spots open. In the rare case that all 20 show up (1% of the time), you will have to deal with it.

7. Bio
Write in 3rd person “Bridget is”. You can only use one bio, so if you teach knitting and composting make sure it works for both.