Help a local learning exchange continue to offer 100+ classes per year!

100+ classes, with no money required of attendees. This is what Barter School Indy (BSI) is known for, and how we’ve operated for over five years.

However, there are operating costs to keep Barter School Indy in business. That’s where you come in! By becoming a community sponsor of BSI, your donation goes towards our hard costs including rent, class materials, marketing supplies, and member appreciation.

There are many ways to contribute, beyond the list below. Ask us about a custom sponsorship, and we’ll gladly develop a customized plan to work together.


As a community sponsor for Barter School Indy, your business will be recognized as a valued contributor to our local organization. Social media, newsletters and branded merchandise are just a few ways we can spread the word about your involvement. Plus, all donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, The Athenaeum Foundation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

“WEEK OF CLASSES” SPONSOR = $500 Investment

Barter School Indy can line up a week of classes suited to your industry. You are welcome to provide teachers for some classes, or allow us to invite past teachers to reteach their successful classes. Example: Low Income Housing industry

Week of classes= Financial planning, resume workshops, homebuyers workshop, meditation and stress relief, trauma recovery


Discuss current list of needs for Barter School Indy and choose an item to manufacture, or cover the cost. Examples: Marketing materials: business cards, t-shirts, posters, signage, bookmarks

Visibility and Branding for all sponsorship opportunities:
  • Sponsor logo included on social media promotions
  • Included in at least 1 newsletter/promotional email (1,000+ subscribers)
  • Link on BSI Community Partners page